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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  March 20, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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nada: this is "b world news america reporting from new york, i am nada tawfik. president trump announces he is virtually shutting down america's border with mexico, as a new way of life in the u.k., as prime minister orders pubs and restaurants closed to prevent the spread of the disease. rforgn on your wedding day -- imagine a global pandemic. the story of one cple whose wedding day, today, isn't happening. >> by now would be eatinges cheese and nib without parents -- with r parents. but noto be.
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nada: for all of you watching on pbs and around the globe, welcome to "world news america." the world is limpin into the weekend with the fight against the coronavirus taking place on multiple fronts. in italy, the death toll sort by moreha600. the country had the most fatalities from overtaking ciena the day ea the british prime minister ordered bars and restaurants closeds of this evening. here in the united states, financial markets closed the an restrictions of fal crisis, as those especially in big citiesus alike are ang to a new life. from california to new york, an eerie emptiness in her normally bustling cenrs. in the age of cial distancing, people a avoiding hotspots in hollywood and the big apple. officials announced more measures to combat e e spread of ronavirus. in the golden state, aer
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stay-at-home oent in effect on friday for all 40 million residents. people were told they could leave their homes only for essential business. >>in hgone through several catastrophic situations in the past years gives us more strength. we had earthquak, two fires we are used to dealing with situations over which we have no control. nada: new york also took dressed measures as cases topped 7000. governor cuomo said the state was on positive ordering all nonessential businesses to keep workers home on sunday and warning that it would be enforced. gov. cuomo: this isvo not ntary. we are going to monitor it. there will be civil benes and i ca mandatory closures for businesses that don't comply. i amot kidding about this. more than doubled pacityit has of the hospital system. nada: the changes are rapidly
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impacting people's daily lives, leaving many to question what might be next. president trump, fnked by his coronavirus task force, said a national lockdown would not be necessary. pres. trump: i don't think so. seially have done that in california, you have done that in new york. those are two hotbeds, probably the two hottest of them alin terms of hotspots. i don't think so, because you go out to the midwe, you go to they arcations, watching the television but they don't have the same problems, they don't have b any means the same problem. nada: he did however announcedst that the unitees is closing its borders to all after an agreementmexicorday and previously canada. with increased attention on officials' handling of the pandemic, two republican senators have faced calls to resign. his --leit is d that they deliberately sold stock before concerns over coronavirusend the market plummeting.
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senator richard burr of north carolina received private briefings on the outbreak from the senate intelligence committee chr. in a statement, he said he relied solely on public news reports to guide his decion and asked the senate ethics committee to review transactions. georgia's republican senator kelly loeffler, who is marriedst to the new york exchange chairman, says advisors handled her transactions. as the u.s. enters a new stage in the fight against the virus, nature's wonders have provided a much-needed distractio in the nation's capital, people ventured outside to see washington, d.c.'s famous cherry blossoms in peak bloom, a safe outing just as long as they keep their distance. we were talking about california there. earlier i spoke with our correspondent sophie long, wle is in los an are people complying with this order? sophie: hi, nada. yeah, i think people are complying with the order.
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i am on sunset boulevard, a well-known road in los angeles. you can see downtown behind me. it is not busy, it is quieter than it would be normally. there is a steady flow of affict i've seen several cyclists people walking as well. a man walked past with his three i asked him why he was out and he said he was getting exercise. the order camen midnight last ght. this is the first day californians are getting used to it. some californians woke up slightly confused as to what essential trips are, and detailed on the governor's state website, getting exercise and going for a walk is deemed toe ok. there are different orders,, restriction orders in place in various counties and cities across california. here in los angeles, all businesses have been told to stop operations that require people to be present in pern. no public gatherings of any size are allowed outside the home. people are to leave their homes only for essential activities. standing by a motel and i can
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see someone carrying out cleaning duties. fithis is tht day. i think people are complying. people are takinthe crisis very seriously indeed. but there are people still out and about, and life does go on. some businesses are still open prmacies, grocerytores, and banks. people who go to do their jobsf of those kinds businesses. the first day of the new restrictions, it is much quieter, but people are getting on with theirives. nada: it must be quite panicking for some peoe to hear that 56% of residentsn california might be infected with the coronavirus by the end of all this. that is what officials are estimating. what does the state need at this point? sophie: i think those figures wereg,eally sober weren't they? governor gavin newsom says he pes 56 percent of the publishing to be infected with the vir--of the population to be infected with virus in the
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next two months. they are expected to rapid spread in california. these measures were brought in to halt that t cout focus a lot of minds for a lot of californians. think of the population, it is nearly 40 million. we are talking 25 millionfe peoe ed with coronavirus in such short period of time. people are taking this seriously, and even people you do see out and about, they are practicing social distancing. people are keeping their distance. lida: that was sophie long speaking to me e. from california, let's switch our attentn to washington, where the senate has been debating large scale sinless measures. that is one of the developments as we wrap up a busy week. i was joined earlier by jacqueline alemany, a "washington post" political reporter. mitch mcconnell has come up with an economic stimulus bill, but even republicans have problems with it. what is the sticking point?: jacqueli the sticking point is still concerns that the gop
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proposal doesn't do enough for working-class people, disproportionally benesit busine and industries. democrats and republicans arin a really tight timeline right now. they wanted to put together this $1 trillion package, a third stimulus package, by the end of the date today and get it through the senate chamber on monday. they are behind clos doors h shing that out. the cash assistance payments are they are going to doled out,how the way they are going to be structured is a point of discussion right now. ysenate mor leader chuck schumer is also applying moreid pressure to prt trump to utilize the defense production act. there is a lot of different moving parts, and it's going to take quite a bit of compromise on both sides in order for ngss to be able to stick to this tight timeline, as people are really in need. there is a greatense of
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gency at the moment. nada: president trump sounded quit optimistic in his press conference today, saying he had a greacalled chuck schumer, that they agree on a lot of points. do you think they will be able to come to a deal by monday? jacqueline: look, democrats and republicans are privately and publicly expressing optimism. ali think there was a ation that with a projected 2.5 million jobs to be lost by the oendmarch by goldman sachs this morning, something needs to be done immediately. there needto be cash in the hands of working americare, people whoart of the gi economy who lost their jobs. there is optimism. there is urgency. thoweve president has been publicly optimistic, and misleading and misguiding way, since the beginning of this crisis. there are key provisions that really are a point of contention right now. goth package wants to provide
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families up to $2400, but that is based on income, whit could mean tome of the poorest families only receive a small amount of money and potentially not consistently enough. there are a bunch of different bthings that still need t hashed out. how much small businesses will receive an loans -- the number being tossed out as $300 billion, with $200 billion for airlines. there are strings attached that out aboutt idintawaoug lkabt stock buybacks and wther or not corporations --how they will nada: jacqueline alemany, thank you so much for joining us with that inside. jacqueline: thanks for havi me. da: that is the political side of things. igwhat about the on the medical front? there are broad concerns across the united dat that hospitals
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since we don't have the equipment they need and that frontle medical workers are increasingly at risk. i spoke short time ago with dr. leana wen, former baltimore city health commissioner and emergency physician herself. we have heard health workers really outspoken about the lack tiof personal prot equipment, and the fact that they are having to share and reuse masks. how concerning is that for you as a physician to hear that? dr. wen: oh, it's deeply concerning, and extremely frustrating. i can't believe that we are here. twoth months age were stories coming out of china of their doctors and nurses who had to make their own masksad and to reuse for days single-use masks. i cannot believe that we would be in a situation one of my college yesterdayaas sending ou email about where people
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could buy their own goggles. and if we had to use rn ponchos, what kind of rain poncho you could use instead of a gown. this cannot be happening in the u.s.,o where we had months prepare for this. we are supposed to be the country that has one of the most developed health car systems, and now we have health care workers whare putting their own lives on the line, who are desperate for something as basic as masks and goggles and downs.-- gowns. nada: as you say, months of inrning, and yet the rate of infections keep up. are the measures in place in a, o-- enough, or do you think there needs to be more action on the federal level for a national plan? dr. we postage and --there's teachin certainly needs to be a lot more done on the national level. we need more testing, which are to hearing about, otherwise you the epidemic in the communities.
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to step in and hel withernment procuring these supplies. we keep hearing that there would be more coming soon, that there's going to be more. but soon is not a timeline. more is not an amount. we cannot be using hope as a strategy. lkmy colleagues are g about who is going to be taking care of their children when there are two people in the household who are health cow tkers. they aking about who needs to quit their job just in case. otherwise both parents may not be around to for their ks. ople are making wills. this is a challengingof time for al us, really challenging time for health care workers, who are putting their lives on the line. the least we can do as a society and government is to protect our health care workers toct pro us. nada: let's talk about tmtrts, because we heard that the fda is fast-trackinge some of theatments. how omising to any of those sound, particularly antimalarial treatment?
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dr. wen: i mean, i think it is good that we are entering clinical trials for these treatments, but we need to be realistic that these treatments may work or they may not. we are still a least a year to a year and a half away to developing a vaccine. we really cannot be pinning a of our hopes on a treatment and a vaccine. we need to be looking at the nonpharmaceutical interventions, which is why social distancing, staying home, not having nonessential interactions with people, that is our best bet, and i hope everyone will heed -r is a social-media campaign some health-care workers of startethat says "i am at work for you, please stay at home for ." i hopee can heedad thace and stay at ho and keep away from others physically to reduce the strain on our health ce system. nada: absolutely, and so important to have a discussion based on facts.
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dr. leana wen, thank you for taking the time to join us. turning to the u.k., because the british prime minister has ordered the closure of all bars, pu, and restaurants affected this evening, just as the country was heading in the profitable weekend. the idea is to ofmit the amount ocial interaction and thus cut down the chances oco spreading thnavirus. but the move will have a fundamental impact on not only the way people live, but how people make living, as business editor simon jack reports. simon: one of east london's popular social hotspots on saturday. this is what it will look like this weekend. the government has ordered the closure of venues like this. it has aeady been catastrophic for the hospitality industry. >> the prime minister's announcement on monday evening that everybody should avoid bars and restaurants and publ spaces, we decided tuesday morning for 85% of our people.
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a million jobs have been lost in hospitalitcesince that annt. we are focused on tryi to save the jobs of the next million. simon: g tovernment promised businesses a rebate where 80% of their staff's wages. despite that, businesses are still affected to shed hundreds of thousands of jobs to cut costs as income drie on wl center tonight, 2,500 people would come tohe food haltt is shut for the foreseeable future. the government has promised hundreds of billions of potential support. it is not the size that matters, it is this the at which businesses can have the support. for many it is too late. like workers at this scotland who were told to leave eir b and their home immediately. >> just like that, saying i have to leave, and i get fired.
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didn't give me any reasons. i've been working here for two years. throw people like that in the middle of a pandemic? it is not just a normal loss of job, it is a pandemic. simon: whatbout this theater director and her colleagues or heied to work out what the future holds for >> all of us are self-employed and we have no idea wht means for income, job security, whether we can pay the rent. we have no idea when work will start again for any of us. simon: the government has plannounced that the self ed will be able to defer tax payments and get greater access to benefits, which will be increased. many businesses are desperate for awi guarantee the not forfeit their lease if they don't pay the rent, another new front i a health- turned-economic i emergency. simon jack, bbc news. nada: heartbreaking to see in an instant.oods taken away
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you are watching "bbc world news america." still to ce on tonight's program, how we got here. from an initial case to a nationwide crisis, we look at how the coronaderus outbreak loped in the united states. in iran, the death toll from the coronavirus is well above 1400. the country has the third highest number of fatalities after italy and china. behind all the statistics are countless individuals o desperately tryingld back the disease's spread. the bbc has been trying to get an idea of what life is like for the medical professionals. >> hey, guys, ael you all unfortunately, i am not well. i still have the viewer. i'm taking multiple medications.
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god willing, they will work. reporter: two days after posting this video online, the doctor was dead. this doctor also passed away. she had continued to work even whilst attached to a drip. dozens of doctors, nurses, and clinical staff have ltlt her life bg covid-19 in iran. the government is referring to them as martyrs. it's notoriously difficult to country.rmation out of the t across socialte media, medics the same story. >> our staff are risking the lives here, and we don'iphave the equment. just look at how unsafe my clothes are. reporter: just regular plastic bags protect these nurses. doctors here, like everywhere else, are having to make life-and-death decisions. >> the hospital is more like a
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gateway to the next world. this is too painful. so many people are dying. carenit, there is no goingive back. reporter: despite building several new field hospitals, criticizeeen widely for its handling of the crisis. but the government says it has sanctions.ely hampered nada: around the world, cancellationsth of public ings like concerts and sporting events have disappointed many, not to mention bihday parties, formal dinners, and casual drinks with friends. what if the event that was being canceled was supposed to be the happiest day of your life? bbc's jon kay has the story of danny and charlie, who were due to get married today. >>at despite having as going on -- cake baked.inted, hair done,
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but debbie and charlie are not getting married after a. >> by now we would be eating cheese and nibbles with our parents. but not to be. jon: they have been planning and saving since their engagement 18 months ago. even though they are wl, navis h ruined their big day. >> we have guests emailing, calling, messaging, saying "we are sorry," we are either sick, or family members, elderly who say we are a ris n: so the shoes will go back at the boxes. wedding off,mi to mize travel and contact and keep everyone safe. >> i've got so and then finally i called the venue, and i cried. i'm ashamed to say i cried. jon: i'm so sorry. >> it is sad not be doing the
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celebration. >> it was the right thing. jon:ns theirance won't cover has promised they can rearrange for free next year. they say it just wouldn't feel right now. it would be a wedding without -- friends and family we have not seen for a while. oh, hi, maybe kick boots, knock elbows, and that was going to be the extent of it. it was going tba be are situation. on the wall,co table tions they made for the occasion. a reminder of how things were meant to change this weekend. is that your name on it, then he?-- danny? >> yeah. >> we still have each other. >> it is not be end. just a--
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>> pause. n: instead of thinking of their own disappointment, they are ng their non-wedding day thinking of others. nada: those two are quite the opposite of bridezillas. they are taking it extremely ll, and best of luck to them. much has been made of how quickly the coronavirus crisis has developed in the united states. for the first case was reported in january, and since then it has been a steady buildup of cases,mp concerns, and c downs. here is a look at how we got to where we are today. >>e the first c china's new and deadly coronavirus has been reported here in t u.s. >> second case of novel coronavirus. pres. trump: we have a very little problem in this country at this moment. five. we think it is going to have a very goo>>ending for us. for hundreds of americans trapped on the ship, a way home at last. >> empty shelves for costco
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customers. >> it could cost airlines as much as 113 going dollars. >> six died so far. >> the stock market suffered its worst losses since the financial crisis of 2008. pres. trump: we will be suspended all travel from europe. >> nba is suspenng the season. more than 1000 cases in the united states. dr. fauci:ottom line, it is going to get worse. pres. trump: i'm officially the current and national emergency. >> we need to bend the curve and redirect atatewide order for people to stay home. nada: difficult times, and we will be here to keep you updated on it al remember, you can find more of the day's news on our website. eetohat we are working on at any time, check us out on twitter. fiand nada tawk. thank you for watching "world
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captioning sponsored by nnewshour productiollc >> woodruff: good evening. i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight: bracing for the surge. new infection counts in the u.s. soar, as the entire populations of california and new york a orded to stay at home. plus, accusations emerge against siaring u.s. senators who ap to have profited off of the pandemic. then, covid-19 and the crown. the coronavirus spreads through britain. how citizens there are adjusting to a nation transformed. >> we're going to go through that period of denial, confusion, annoyance, anger, and then sooner or later, within ten days or so, wel get that period of acceptance. >> woodruff: and, it's friday. mark shields and david bros analyze a week unlike any other in living memory-- and one that has fundamll


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